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S&I Media Conference 2018

Call for Papers and Art Projects — Stereo and Immersive Media

The Universidade Lusófona and the Fine Arts Society (Lisbon, Portugal) will be hosting the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Stereo & Immersive Media during 28-30 June, 2018. This will be an inspiring and stimulating conference that will include keynote sessions by photography experts with 3D projections, 3D experimental cinema, a Dag studio, guided tours to a stereo photography historical exhibition and to a mechanical music museum, and an exhibition of contemporary stereo and immersive projects!

Keynote Speakers

  • Denis Pellerin, photo-historian, Director of The London Stereoscopic Society
  • Kim Timby, teacher at the École du Louvre, curator for a private collection of nineteenth-century travel photography
  • Sabine Breitsameter, Audiomedia Scholar and  Researcher, Sonic Arts Dramaturg, Curator and Artist, teaching at the Darmstadt UAS, and Director of its Soundscape & Environmental Media Lab
  • Michael Pritchard, Chief Executive of the Royal Photographic Society

Our Calls

The scientific committee invites researchers, historians, photographers, curators, collectors and archivists to submit paper presentations addressing one of the following themes:

  • Stereoscopic and Panoramic Photography
  • Photography, Cinema and Sound Media Archaeologies
  • Media Arts and Immersion
  • Architecture, Virtual and Augmented Realities
  • Urban Sound Devices: Telephones, Headphones, Speakers and Radio
  • Sonic Art and New Technologies
  • Photography and Performance: Inter-media Practices

For the first time, an exhibition displaying contemporary stereo & immersive media projects will be held at the Fine Arts Society from 29 June to 21 July.

The exhibition jury invites researchers, photographers, cinema directors and artists to submit art projects that highlight and explore the immersive features of visual and sound media. 3D films, stereo photography, visual and/or audio installations and VR Apps will be welcome!

Open access and peer-reviewed journal : IJSIM

All papers presented at S&I Media Conferences can be submitted to The International Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media (IJSIM). Deadline for submissions for Issue 3 is 30 April. Check the recently published Issue 2 here. To know more and keep updated about the S&I Media International Conference, visit our Website and follow us on Facebook.

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