Event: “Sound in Film” Symposium Manchester

This one day event will be structured as a symposium, involving film screenings and guest speakers delivering talks as well as panel discussions and Q&A sessions. 

The main talk will be delivered by Dr. Melanie Bell of the University of Leeds. The paper to be presented is Learning to Listen: Histories of Women’s Soundwork in the British Film Industry which was published in Screen in 2017.

The other guest speakers will be Dr. Dan White, Dr. Suzy Mangion and Dr. Laura Wilson, all former PhD students at The University of Manchester. Dr. David Butler, also of The University of Manchester, will chair the panel discussions.

The event is designed to explore and create conversations around the use of sound in film, with a number of objectives:

  • To challenge the dominance of visual analysis in film studies by bringing together like minded people to inspire future directions and research questions that engage with sound and music in film.
  • Strengthening the frameworks, conceptual maps and vocabulary that can be used when analyzing sound in film, especially for those new to university level studies.
  • To compliment the courses of study of the University’s students, in particular those based in the drama or music departments.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to be in dialogue with experts in the field who they might not otherwise have contact with.
  • To produce insight into the ways that the study of sound could be carried forward.
  • To provide an occasion for networking and community building between University staff, students, invited guests and industry professionals.

Event Schedule:

9:30am – 10am (John Casken Lecture Theatre) – Reception.

10am – 1pm (John Casken Lecture Theatre) – Brief introductory speech to the event. Talk from Dr. Melanie Bell with featured film screened afterwards.

1pm – 2pm (G16 in Martin Harris Centre) – Lunch Break

2pm – 3:30pm (G16) – “Constructing with sound”: presentations and open discussion – Dr. Dan White, Dr. Suzy Mangion and Dr. Laura Wilson. Chaired by Dr. David Butler.

3:30pm – 4pm (G16) – Tea Break

4pm – 5:30pm (G16) – Panel discussion with Q&A: “The Future of Studying Sound in Film” – All guest speakers. Chaired by Dr. David Butler.

5:30pm – End of event

6:30pm – Post-event Screening

Quelle: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sound-in-film-symposium-tickets-61089236551