Tagung “Audio Mostly 2012 – A conference on interaction with sound” (Corfu, 26.-28.09.12)

An upcoming conference on sound:

This year, the “Audio Mostly 2012 – 7th Conference on Interaction with Sound” will be hosted by Ionian University/Dept. of Audio and Visual Arts and Dept. of Music Studies on the Ionian island of Corfu, a cultural hub of the Mediterranean basin, steeped in history and tradition and bathed in the extraordinary light, landscape and scenery that has inspired many people around the world.

The conference dates are September 26 – 28, 2012.

Keynote Speaker 2012:
It is our pleasure to welcome Koray Tahiroglu as the keynote speaker for AudioMostly 2012. The title of his presentation is: “Capture the Sound and Release it in the Air: Across the Exploratory and Extensive Sound Interactions

Koray is a postdoctoral researcher – Academy of Finland and lecturer in the Dept. of Media, Aalto University. He practices art as a researcher, as well as a performer of live electronic music. After receiving his Master of Arts degree with his “From Me to Us, computer-generated music installation”, which was exhibited in Helsinki and in Toronto, he began his doctoral studies at Media Lab, TaiK, Helsinki in 2004. He conducted an artistic research with a focus on studying and practicing human musical interaction. Koray has completed the degree of Doctor of Arts with the dissertation entitled “Interactive Performance Systems: Experimenting with Human Musical Interaction” after its public examination in 2008. He is the founder and head of SOPI (Sound and Physical Interaction) research group, coordinating several projects with research interests including embodied approaches to sonic interaction, participative music experience, multimodal physicality in sound and interaction. Since 2004, he has been also teaching workshops and courses introducing artistic strategies and methodologies for creating computational art works.

More information on Koray’s presentation content will be announced soon.

Webpage: http://www.audiomostly.com/