NEU: Fearful Sounds. Cross-Platform Studies of Sonic Audio and Horror

You may be interested in the newly live special issue of Revenant: Critical and Creative Studies of the Supernatural.

This special issue of Revenant is dedicated to reflection on the relationships between sound and fear, aurality and horror, the audio experience and the supernatural. The ‘cross-platform’ element of this issue describes the variety of linked and overlapping channels and interfaces through which performances of sound arrive to us now: on the radio, streaming on the internet, or in the cinema.

Each of the essays and creative pieces in this issue situates the phenomenon of performed sound within a medial landscape now defined by the crossing of boundaries, so that ‘cross-platform’ refers not just to boundaries between media platforms, but also to associated boundaries between digital and analogue, local, national and global.

That liminal space between categories or territories, the borderlands of culture, is where much of horror takes place, because its essential feature is interfacing with the unknown. Indeed many of the best scary stories, and many of the pieces here, engage the special terror that hinges on the unknown, as evoked by sound: sounds whose origins we cannot place; the creak on the stairs when the house should be empty; the voice in the dark.

Revenant is a peer-reviewed, open access e-journal dedicated to academic and creative explorations of the supernatural, the uncanny and the weird.

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