CfP: The Global Composition 2018 (Dieburg/Darmstadt)

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From October 4-7, 2018, the conference „The Global Composition 2018“ , will be again hosted on the Media Campus Dieburg/ Darmstadt UAS.  Its subtitle is „Sound, Ecology, and Media Cultural Education“

One of the conference’s focus is the transfer of knowledge of Soundscape Studies and Acoustic Ecology to future generations. Therefore, next-generation researchers under 35 years of age are especially addressed to submit, and will be provided a special space to highlight their presentations.

Within the framework of this conference, we also encourage submissions to go beyond notions which identify education merely as schooling, the instruction of a subject mastery, but understand it as implying to a large extent individual and communal maturation aspects as well as aspects of the formation and strengthening of a personality, group or culture. In this sense, the Latin root of education, educere means to lead forth.

We, too, are currently preparing to install a discourse on major aspects of the generation change in Acoustic Ecology and Soundscape studies during the conference.

Another important discourse we would like to stimulate is the role of current audiomedia,  new audio technologies and Augmented/Virtual Reality as facilitators of auditory awareness. – At the same time the spectrum of our call is quite broad,  and supposed to bring together a diversity of approaches to the suggested topics and beyond.

We have great memories from the last „Global Composition Conference“ in 2012. Sure we will provide again time, space and a good atmosphere for exchange and conviviality, and for listening and worthwhile auditory experiences. Dieburg is very close to the Forest of Odes’ vineyards, set within lovely landscapes, and provides wonderful Gemütlichkeit. Our Media Campus is a 45 minute drive away from Frankfurt Airport, and close to good train and bus connections.

The conference is organized by h_da’s Research Center for Digital Communication and Media Innovation (DKMI) in collaboration with GFTN e.V./Darmstadt, Master’s program International Media Cultural Work/Faculty of Media h_da, and endorsed by the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

We are looking forward to your submissions, and for having you as our conference guests. Please, consider, too, to spend some leisure time there as well, as the region is really lovely, and early October should be mild and still sunny. Check out our website for more. We’ll update it on a regular basis. – If you want to get in touch with us, please contact us via

Quelle: Rundmail von Prof. Sabine Breitsameter via RADIO-STUDIES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

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