Neu: Leo Murray: Sound Design Theory and Practice – Working with Sound, 1st Edition


Sound Design Theory and Practice is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the concepts which underpin the creative decisions that inform the creation of sound design. 

A fundamental problem facing anyone wishing to practice, study, teach or research about sound is the lack of a theoretical language to describe the way sound is used and a comprehensive and rigorous overarching framework that describes all forms of sound. With the recent growth of interest in sound studies, there is an urgent need to provide scholarly resources that can be used to inform both the practice and analysis of sound. Using a range of examples from classic and contemporary cinema, television and games this book provides a thorough theoretical foundation for the artistic practice of sound design, which is too frequently seen as a ‘technical’ or secondary part of the production process.

Engaging with practices in film, television and other digital media, Sound Design Theory and Practiceprovides a set of tools for systematic analysis of sound for both practitioners and scholars.

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Theories of Sound 
  3. 3 Audiovisual Theories of Sound
  4. 4 Sound as a Sign
  5. 5 Analysing Sound with Semiotics
  6. King Kong (1933)
  7. No Country for Old Men
  8. 8 Sound in Non-fiction
  9. 9 Sound in Video Games
  10. 10 Sound in Practice

About the Author

Leo Murray is a lecturer in sound at Murdoch University, Australia. He spent ten years as a broadcast engineer in the UK, before moving into teaching and researching in sound, principally working in film and television. His research interests include sound design, semiotics and media ethics.