Tagung: The International Perspective on a Radio Centenary (Hilversum)

The Netherlands is celebrating 100 years of Radio on November 6 2019. On November 7th and 8th the conference The International Perspective on a Radio Centenary will take place at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum.

Radio has survived and thrived in the last century by continuously adapting to changing social, cultural and technological circumstances. Let’s take a look together at the academic endeavours to reconstruct and explain the position of radio, both through a historical lens as from an international perspective, to consider the medium’s future.

Keynotes and sessions

Keynote speakers include Prof. Michele Hilmes, Prof. Kate Lacey, Dr. Morten Michelsen, Prof. Paddy Scannell and Prof. Huub Wijfjes.

In different sessions a wide range of topics will be covered.

Thursday 7 November:

Radio and identities – Radio Information & Education – Radio Music

Friday 8 November

Radio cultures and the culture of radio – Radio Sport – Radio between old and new technologies

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Registration is now open! Tickets are €10 per day. We hope to welcome you on one or both of these days.

Quelle: ECREA-Newsletter