Call | Ecologies of Sound

The Music and Sound Studies Network of the German Studies Association (GSA) invites proposals from scholars for panels at the 45th Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN, from September 30 – October 3, 2021.

Ecologies of Sound

We welcome proposals that consider how ecologies of sound have manifested themselves in German-speaking communities or German spaces throughout the world, and the ways in which these relations, patterns or systems have evolved and developed over time. The network supports scholarship from a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches and welcomes projects that focus on noise and sound as much as on music. The network also encourages either completed research or more speculative, tentative and preliminary hypotheses. In addition, the network hopes to build on last year’s format by having slightly shorter papers to ensure more time for discussion. Some potential considerations to guide proposal submissions may be:

  • How sound ecologies are constructed and strengthened or weakened and disintegrate?
  • How sound ecologies intersect with considerations of gender, class and race?
  • How sound ecologies support or oppose hegemonic discourses or power structures?
  • How sound ecologies manifest differently or similarly over time and space?
  • How sound ecologies adapt, shape or generate tension and conflict?
  • How sound ecologies reflect local, regional, national or transnational peculiarities?
  • How sound ecologies inspire, inhabit or influence texts, products, media, etc.?
  • How sound ecologies help foster or inhibit communities and identities?

Deadline: Sunday, January 31, 2021

Please email your title and proposal of about 250 words to Abby Anderton (, Jeff Hayton (, David Imhoof (, or Amy Wlodarski (